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Transformational Parenting

An 8 Week Live Coaching Course to help you become the best parent you can be

Transformational Parenting

An 8 Week Live Coaching Course to help you become the best parent you can be



The world is changing, and so is how we’re parenting today’s teens.


We are in a time of real crisis — from a global pandemic to rising rates of anxiety and depression, social media trauma, feelings of isolation and beyond. Our teens are facing complex challenges. If you are here because you too are searching for ways to understand the impact of these difficulties and help your teen fact them, we want you to know two things:

1. There is hope.

2. We've been there too.

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Meet one of your hosts,

Karen Desmeules


We will give you tools that empower your teens to:


  • Navigate social anxiety and social media relationships
  • Feel more hopeful and empowered about their future
  • Be more confident and comfortable making healthy decisions
  • Cut through feelings of isolation and self judgment
  • Better understand their own needs and how to take care of them
  • Communicate directly and build strong relationships


Transformational Parenting weaves together decades of knowledge, expertise, research, trial, error, and lived experience to bring you a coaching program that will help you become more of the parent you want to be.

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"I found myself at a loss and in a fog of confusion and anxiety. My work and family life were in disarray, and I was not sure where to turn. After eight weeks in class with Michael, I felt a new clarity and calm from the readings, the discussions, the meditations and the community, all of which were guided with sensitivity, wisdom, humor, and ease. I am so grateful for the experience and for the lessons learned."


Margaret Rietano - Founder of The Elements DC

Seeking help doesn't make you a bad parent.

It makes you a great one.


Will you join us in being the best parent you can be for your teen?

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In as little as 8 weeks, you’ll have

  • A better relationship with your teen
  • Proven ways to work with your teen
  • More self-awareness and confidence when parenting
  • Better communication as a family unit
  • A clear understanding of critical teen warning signs
  • A community of parents & experts you can trust

Our mission is to help you parent your teen with love, and logic.

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What You Get When You Enroll

  • 8 weekly LIVE teaching sessions with recordings (Valued at $1,400)
  • Weekly targeted video lessons for 8 weeks (Valued at $800)
  • Audio-based practice activities (Valued at $400)
  • Reflective journal questions each week (Valued at $150)
  • A weekly “5 Helpful Parenting Tips” handout (Valued at $250)
  • Course workbook & lesson guides (Valued at $500)
  • Limited class size so you get the attention you need (Value: Invaluable!)
  • Plus: access to exclusive Facebook community with ongoing support and teacher interaction


Plus these amazing bonuses:


  • 12 months of unlimited access to 40+ international expert talks on parenting from the Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times Summit speakers ($495 value)

  • Interactive Journal & Guide to the Parenting Teens Summit. With summaries of each talk, and journaling prompts for each day's content. ($195 value)

  • Exclusive access to 3 live sessions with Q&A with leading experts Kristin Neff, Dr. Karen Bluth, and Dr. Jean Clinton. Recordings available as well. ($225 value)

  • Full access to additional resources from the summit including meditations, exercises, practices to create the change you are seeking in your family ($195 value)

Transformational Parenting Course

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"Karen offers course content that is “structured, easy-to-follow, and breaks what may be seen as big concepts into small, manageable amounts that can be learned and practiced a little bit at a time for optimal learning…[full of] simple strategies they can use to be more mentally well at home and in the classroom."

Neil, MSW, RSW

Course Overview

Transformational Parenting is taught entirely online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Each lesson can be viewed in under 30 minutes and contains real-life exercises to put the tools into action!

Week 1: Communication & Connection

You’ll communicate with your teen better than ever by mastering the art of active and compassionate listening and learning how to manage conflict with your teen with clarity and calm.

Week 2: Investing in Your Inner Resources

You’ll commit to a self-regulation practice and reflect on your parenting triggers so you can stop them in their tracks! Say goodbye to angry outbursts and feeling bad for how you parent and learn proven strategies, to ensure you remain calm and confident even when your teen is not.

Week 3: Supporting Teens During Tumultuous Times

You’ll identify and work with your own unaddressed childhood or early-adulthood wounding so you can better parent your teen through all the forms of trauma they are facing today — from personal crises to global violence, the impact of social media, gender identity, and more.

Week 4: Working with Intergenerational Patterns

You will more deeply recognize the patterns that shape your perspectives and parenting. Through this understanding we will learn to shift unhelpful patterns to create more freedom and joy for you, your teens and even the generations to come.  

Week 5: Building the Foundation of a Connected Family

You’ll connect more deeply with your teen by integrating self-compassion and gratitude in the midst of daily challenges. This is the pivotal week where the work you do in this course becomes more natural as you build more practical parenting skills and tools.

Week 6: Creativity and Life-Affirming Practices

You’ll learn how to celebrate and acknowledge your teen’s inherent gifts while also tapping into your own innate gifts. You will learn how to have more FUN and break free from old habits that are sucking the joy out of your experience – or your teen’s.

Week 7: Cultivating Clarity and Setting Intentions

It’s one thing to learn how to parent well and another to commit to doing so every day, even when it feels hard. You'll learn how to put everything you've learned to good use, forever.

Week 8: Reflection & Celebration

This is the week where you’ll reflect on your progress over the past two months, celebrate your growth, and fully integrate everything you’ve learned into your life moving forward.


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"Molly meets you exactly where you are. Her work has helped me uncover and navigate deep patterns that I don’t think anyone else could have done with such grace and love."

Edie Tsong, mother of 15-year-old teen

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Teachers

During this 8-week course you will learn from top faculty who have decades of collective wisdom and experience teaching and guiding parents.

Karen Desmeules

Karen Desmeules is a lifelong educator with more than 20 years of experience as a classroom, music/drama, early literacy, and special education teacher. She has facilitated self-compassion and wellness workshops for educators, as well as mindfulness programs for children. Recently, as a mental health and wellbeing consultant, Karen created a four-month social emotional program for students in grades one through eight that was offered to classroom teachers and accessed by over 12 000 students. Karen is a mother of two free-spirited teenagers who continually inspire her to be the best parent she can be.. You can learn more about her at

Molly Jane Sturges

Molly Jane Sturges is a healing-centered coach, educator, meditation teacher and artistic director/composer who has worked with individuals, organizations, and communities around the globe for more than 28 years. A mentor and guide for youth, Molly integrates contemplative, nature-based, creative, and somatic practices and has a long-term commitment to intergenerational co-mentoring and social-ecological healing and justice. You can learn more about her at

Michael Danzansky

Michael Danzansky is a teacher and coach who specializes in helping families shift limiting and painful patterns to create more connected and loving relationships. His teaching work is a creative and accessible integration of his 15+ years of coaching and training in somatics, mindfulness, yoga, nature based soul work, spiritual study, and indiginous wisdom. He is the founder of Resourced Human and the Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times Summit. You can learn about him at

Anne Laurie Joseph

Anne Laurie Joseph is a leader, teacher and guide for young adults. She creates growth opportunities and facilitates intergenerational learning and serves as the Program Coordinator/Manager for the e-Co Leadership Coaching Program at the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. She has facilitated many creative learning spaces that promote self-growth and development, through meditation, poetry and music. As a facilitator and youth leader, she also has experience in leading peer-to-peer coaching circles among teens and young adults..

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We are committed to your success

We are confident you will leave this course transformed as a parent. We know just how powerful all of these lessons are and how many parents have benefitted already from working with our team of expert faculty. We stand by our work completely so we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason in the first 30 days, you don’t feel like this is for you, don’t feel that you will get results, or cannot complete the course, we will refund you in full. All you have to do is reach out to us.


Transformational Parenting Course

is a program created by Resourced Human, an organzation with a mission to bring a greater understanding of how to navigate being human with joy, wonder and compassion for oneself and other beings.

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Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times

is an event created by Resourced Human, an organzation with a mission to bring a greater understanding of how to navigate being human with joy, wonder and compassion for oneself and other beings.

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