Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times

3 Things Parents Need to Know NOW to Raise HAPPY, WHOLESOME and THRIVING Teens!

FREE Online Summit launching Nov. 1st, 2023




Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times


3 Things Parents Need to Know NOW to Raise



FREE Online Summit launching Nov. 1st, 2023

Summit REPLAY Happening Nov. 11th and 12th, 2023


Is this summit for you?


Are you looking for better ways to understand and connect with your kids?

Are you looking for tools to positively address the worldwide mental health crisis facing our teens?

Are you looking for the best solutions to empower teens with anxiety or depression?  



Join more than 12,000 caring and action-oriented parents from around the world who have joined the summit community. 

Featured Speakers Include

More than 30+ world-renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, parenting, child development, technology and wellbeing, who are all eager to share their insights and wisdom with you.  Plus enlightening bonus interviews from luminaries Goldie Hawn, Dr. Dan Siegel and Tara Brach.

Kristen A. Jenson

Protecting Kids from the Underestimated Dangers of Pornography

Dr. Deb Sandella, PhD

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

Daniel Ellenberg, PhD

Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys for a Kinder World

Goldie Hawn

Understanding and Working With the Adolescent Brain

Jessica Elefante

Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Technology: A Candid Conversation

Andrés González

Empowering Youth: Holistic Approaches to Resilience and Wellbeing

Dr. Cara Goodwin

Navigating Uncertainty and Imperfection in Parenting: Strategies for Modern Families

Rachel Macy Stafford

The Power of Authenticity in Parenting

Dr. Kristin Neff

Redefining Self-Worth: Teaching Kids the Art of Self-Compassion

Steven Hickman, PsyD

The Art of Modern Fatherhood: From Reactivity to Responsiveness

Karen Bluth, PhD

Self-Compassion and Resilience: Insights for Parenting Teens

Daniel Maté

Challenging the Myth of Normalcy - Reframing Trauma

Dajana Yoakley

The Transformative Power of Self-Compassion in Parenting

Elaine Taylor-Klaus &
Diane Dempster

Dancing with Uncertainty: The Magic of a Coach-Approach

Richard Miller, PhD

The iRest Program: "Tools for Life" for Meeting Life's Challenges

Kim John Payne, M.Ed.

Balancing Authority and Connection in Parenting

Jon Paul Crimi

Unlocking the Power of Breathwork: Insights for Parenting in Stressful Times

Melanie Hempe

The ScreenStrong Solution to Childhood Screen Dependency

Ali Smith

Empowering Youth: Holistic Approaches to Resilience and Wellbeing

Sara Naish

Parenting Resiliently in the Face of Trauma

Andrea Davis

Give Your Teen a Sense of Self Stronger than Any Screen

Alex Howard

Three Core Emotional Needs for Healthy Development

Tara Brach, PhD

Compassionate Parenting and Tools to Manage Self Judgment

Abrigal Forrester

Understanding Teens in the Digital Age: Strategies for Positive Engagement

Dr. Aman Siddiqi

The Impact of Prejudice on Fatherhood

Dr. Warren Farrell

The Boy Crisis: What Every Parent Should Know

Dr. Stephanie Carinia

Embracing Emotional Growth: Parenthood and Inner Healing

Dr. Barbara Trautlein

Parenting Teens:  Embracing Change with Heart, Head and Hands

Dr. Lori Campbell

Navigating Youth Identity: Listening, Supporting and Connecting

Michael Danzansky

How to Embody Being the Parent You Want to Be

Paco Retana

Navigating Youth Identity: Listening, Supporting and Connecting

Altman Smith

Empowering Youth: Holistic Approaches to Resilience and Wellbeing

Dr. Jean M. Clinton

Beyond Pressure:  Cultivating Connection and Resilience in Kids

Susan Stiffelman, MFT

Parenting with Resilience: Building Strong Connections

Boysen Hodgson

A Dad's Hero Journey - Don't Go It Alone!

Charlene Dimas-Peinado

Cultivating Hope: Innovative Paths in Teen Mental Wellness

Dr. Deborah MacNamara

Redefining Independence:  The Impact of Peer Orientation on Kids

Dan Siegel, MD

Understanding and Working with the Adolescent Brain



  • Discover how to help your teen move out of anxiety and into deeper connection and belonging with family and friends

  • Learn proven techniques to foster open communication with your teen

  • Get ideas to resolve the unique challenges faced by dads in parenting

  • Uncover effective methods to assist your teen in navigating the impact of manipulative technology

  • Understand the psychology behind teen behaviors and how to connect with them on a deeper level

And so much more! All geared towards nurturing resilient, happy and thriving teenagers.


Meet Your Host

Michael Danzansky

Michael Danzansky is a teacher, coach, and visionary leader deeply committed to ensuring parents are empowered to help their teens develop mental, emotional, and social health. His journey to create the Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times Summit was driven by a profound desire to forge a deeper connection with his teenage son and help parents navigate the unprecedented complexities and challenges of today’s world. Leveraging his expertise in mindfulness, life coaching, somatics and wellness, Michael created the Parenting Teens Summit to share the wisdom he learned on his personal journey in order to support parents in helping their kids to thrive.

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