Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times:

The Three Things Parents Should Know

November 1-5, 2023

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Is this summit for you?


Are you concerned about how technology affects your kids (and don't know what to do about it?)

Are you struggling to maintain open dialogue and deep connection with your child?

Are you worried about the global tidal wave of anxiety and despair that youth are experiencing? 

Are you ready to take action to make a difference?


You are NOT alone


Join thousands of parents and caregivers from around the globe who are joining together to learn, grow and be the best parents and caregivers we can be. 

Join This 5 Day Virtual Summit Experience and You Will...

  • Master effective practices to increase connection with your family, reduce stress and anxiety and work through difficult emotions
  • Discover evidence-based ways to reduce self-judgment
  • Understand how to manage and protect your kids from the harmful influences of technology 
  • Become a less stressed, more empowered and joyful parent
  • And much more!
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Learn From World-Renowned Teachers

With over 25 of the world's leading teachers of mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience and ancestral wisdom including Kristin Neff, Tara Brach, Goldie Hawn, Dan Siegel and Richard Miller. 

Plus daily LIVE workshop for parents and teens to help you connect, de-stress and grow. 

Register to join us our amazing community and get even more tools and resources to support yourself and your teens through through these uncertain times.


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