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If you have landed on this page,

there is a good likelihood that:


You are worried about the wellbeing of your children and are not sure what to do

You are longing for a more open and rich connection with your teen

You want your children to have a different experience than you had growing up 

You carry guilt and/or shame around not being the parent you want to be

You want to find more ease and joy in parenting


If any of these are true for you, we want you to know three things: 

1. You are not alone.

2. You can shift things. 

3. We can help.

If you are ready to be the change that creates a more easeful,
joyful and connected family,
Shape Your Legacy Coaching is made for you.
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Shape Your Legacy Coaching
will allow you to:


 Create more connection, authenticity and ease

Release family patterns that you don’t want to pass on and make new choices.

Live with more self acceptance, compassion and love.

Become the change you want to be through customized practices and support.

You get to be the agent of change that will create positive ripples for generations.


See how Shape Your Legacy Coaching can transform your family. 


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What Our Clients Say


Michael moves mountains. Years in therapy had helped me gain clarity on a painful family dynamic, but somehow I still couldn’t shift the embodied tension the trauma had left. One of my biggest fears was that I would pass this to my daughter. In a short amount of time, Michael’s coaching gift helped me to finally find closure and move on with my life. He has a true gift to guide, and I am forever grateful.


"If you're looking to make positive changes for your family, but are not sure exactly where to start, or maybe feel a little alone, I can't say enough about this coaching. Michael is a skilled coach, a compassionate, mindful teacher and guide and a really cool human. You'll be glad you did."


Michael is remarkable. He brings a rare and powerful mix of knowledge, presence and deep intuition to his coaching. Working with him has helped clarify life-long struggles and left me feeling lighter, wiser and able to parent in a way that is in alignment with who I want my daughter to be. I am now able to walk through old fears with embodied confidence.


I had lived my whole life feeling like I was responsible for everything. It was a burden that I would never want my kids to carry, but knew it was on the horizon. In a short time working with Michael, I was able to understand and let go of the burden that I was not even aware I was carrying. This work is gentle and revelatory. It is such a blessing to be able to walk away feeling free and more alive.


I found myself at a loss and in a fog of confusion and anxiety. My work and family life were in disarray, and I was not sure where to turn. After working with Michael, I felt a new clarity and calm, and I felt guided with sensitivity, wisdom, humor, and ease. I am so grateful.

Michael Danzansky 


I love helping parents to create the ease, joy and connection they are wanting in their lives. Every human being wants to feel seen, safe and loved. When you are not able to fully feel these, both you and your relationships suffer.  At the root of what gets in the way is an old pattern of thinking and relating. All of us have unhelpful patterns that affect not only ourselves, but our partners and children.   The challenge is that these operating patterns are like icebergs: much of what is happening exists below the surface of our awareness. 

If you have a child who is struggling, invariably your habitual patterns are contributing to the problem.  It's not your fault, its just part of the deal with parenting. I help parents to understand and reshape the roots of their operating systems to create more ease, freedom and connection for themselves and their children. I believe this is the most significant, profound and meaningful work parents can do, because it bears gifts that extend not only through our own family trees, but also to countless numbers that our heirs will touch in their lives.   

Shape Your Legacy Coaching was born out of my own longing to free myself of the inherited patterns I felt stuck in. Not only for myself, but for my son.  It is curated from nearly two decades of learning and training and is a blend of the most recent scientific discoveries about body and mind, ancient wisdom, somatic training, mindfulness and spiritual practice. It is efficient, effective and life changing. And it is what I wish had been available to me when I started my parenting journey.

I would love to help you and your family live what is possible. 


Michael Danzansky is a father, teacher, coach and leader who helps parents and caregivers cut through inherited family patterns to live with more clarity, love, joy and presence. He brings a unique mix of practical application, mindfulness, somatics, indiginous perspective, mysticism, purpose and spirituality to his coaching.  He has over 15 years of experience as a life coach and teacher of mindfulness, yoga, philosophy, and spiritual studies. His deep and diverse field of study has helped him to create a methodology that is effective, efficient, playful and creates lasting change. Credentials include: Masters Degree in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies; Somatic Coaching degree through the Strozzi Institute; Certified Mindfulness Instructor with the Mindfulness Training Institute; over 500 hours of training in yogic philosophy, posture and methodology; advanced training in Family Constellations therapy/guidance; Reiki (energy work) level 2 certified; 5 years of study and immersion in nature based soul work with Animus Institute and other guides; 2 years of intensive indigenous wisdom study with Malidoma Some. He loves nature, sports and people, and most of all loves spending time with 14 year old son.

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